Hetalia Winter Meet 2010

I have to say, for a meet that was sort of hap-hazardly thrown together, it turned out pretty good. We had a lot of people in cosplay, and a few non-cosplayers, but all in all, we had a lot of fun. More people showed up than expected, and we needed more than enough food for everyone (so I ended up sending extra cake home with Italia and Greece. XD)

And now, of course... PICTURES!
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Profile test for Twitter community

Somehow, I was dragged into the Twitter community for Hetalia. I'm Prussia. No complaints there, but... here is my ridiculous profile. Which I seriously need to edit. I think I went overboard. The stuff crossed


Nick/Name: Prussia [Seriously, people call me Prussia.]
Personal LJ: awesomeprussian
E-mail/Messenger: AIM- AwesomePrussian
MSN: IronyxOfxFate@hotmail
Yahoo: AwesomePrussian
[Almost always willing to RP via IM, btw~]

Character you are applying for: Kingdom of Awesome Prussia [Gilbert Weillschmidt Beilschdmit]

Occupation of your character: [Do I have to use the one on the character list?] Pimp President of all thing Awesome Master of the Earth Secret Agent of Awesome Private Detective [You know, he WOULD do that... He's good at sneaking around] but if that's not acceptable, Journalist? [Prussia would stalk you until he got his story] Or Rock Star

What do you know about your character? (e.g. personality): Prussia has an ego big enough to choke a horse, but you can't help but love him. He's awesome, and he knows it, and he isn't afraid to flaunt his awesome off. He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants, and once his sights are set, you're better off not fighting him on it, because you're going to lose. He's loud, obnoxious, but lovable at the same time, and he's easy to trick when it comes to all things cute. He is rarely seen without his sidekick pet Gilbird on his head, who seems to pop up out of nowhere most of the time. He loves pancakes, maple syrup, beer, and cake as long as it's made by Austria and if he could get paid for annoying people, he'd be the best in the business. He also has a bit of a brother complex, but let's not take advantage of that, hm? He has a bizarre fear of frying pans, but only Austria [and Germany] seem to know why...

What are your favourite pairings?: PrussiaxAustria [OTP~<3], USxUK, GerIta, CanadaFrance

Sample journal post: [Okay, so I broke the 140 character limit, I'll be careful from now on.]
I was so awesome today! Roddy never suspected a thing~ I bet he didn't even notice that I slipped into his house (I don't know how he didn't sense the sudden increase in awesome aura), but that makes things easier for me~ Kesesesesesse~ I can't wait until he gets into the music room and sees the piano. Ahaha~ Ah, that's right, I'm drinking with West today. Heh, free beer~

What do you want to say to the mod?: Hello there, Mr./Ms. Mod. It has come to my attention that you have not submitted your Vital Regions to Prussia. I believe that you should fix this problem as soon as possible and send them to Herr Weillschmidt immediately via the post. *nod* Also; my love to Norway for liking PruAus. :3 You're already in my awesome book. I had too much fun with this profile, I'm sorry! DX

Con ja Nai

Maa... allow me to take a moment, completely off-topic, to express my annoyance with for not working and leaving me unable to review to stories at the current time. It is very annoying... and I currently have my reviews waiting to be posted in a text document.

I'm not sure if that's sad, or to be admired.


So, anyone who was at Con ja Nai knows it was no Youmacon, but it was still fun. A lot more fun than the last time I went, which I suspect has to do with the fact that I went with friends rather than my parents (I think that's how things always work, though.)

I ended up being the first person there, and, in turn, the first cosplayer who wasn't part of the club. I was kind of disappointed to find out that they'd canceled the cosplay contest because not enough cosplayers ever showed up, but I was equally pleased to know that they were willing to resume the contest once I assured them that I had more people coming in cosplay (be it that I promised more cosplayers or some other outside power that made them pick up the contest again, I don't know, point is, we had it.)

The morning was actually fairly calm, and most of it was spent with Greece and I wondering around and entertaining ourselves, watching the anime playing in the main lecture room from the hallway while wrestling with my contacts that refused to go in. We also talked to Canada on the phone. That was fun. We made her giggle, a lot... and miss her exit with out ridiculous antics. But that's another story.

Eventually, we got on contact in, but the other was being ridiculously stubborn. We got fed-up and went out looking for gauze, which we found, and I spent the next hour or so, stumbling around with a bandage over my eye, claiming that I'd, "just come back from the Berlin Wall" which ended up working fairly well... save for the fact that I couldn't wear my glasses because of the bandage. Which sort of sucked, because I can't see jack without my glasses. Which also lead me to missing Canada when we went to meet her in the bookstore (I'm sorry, Canada! I couldn't see! *sob* and I only had one bad eye!)

Happily, after we went back to the con together, we attempted the contact again and eventually got it in (yahoo) and I tucked the gauze away for a later time when we I could get some fake blood and make a much better "Berlin Wall" play on Prussia (...after I finish his Gakuen Hetalia, his Seven-years-war uniform [or was it Austrian-sucession? ...The one with the awesome had...] his uniform with the t-shirt and shorts that I don't even know the name of... and his character CD outfit.)

I feel like I'm ranting...

After Canada came, we ate some of the pancakes that I had made that morning, as Canada brought maple syrup, we... just sort of hung-out, really. More anime-watching from the hallway, and then later we went to meet up with Fai. Who is awesome. And his staff was awesome. Seriously awesome. And I'm mad I forgot my camera and didn't get a good picture of it. Because it ROCKED.

After Fai came, we all sat down in the hallway, bored, and I ended up popping out my laptop and we watched all four episodes of HetaliaHell which ended up being much more amusing than I thought. They all seemed to enjoy it, and for the rest of the night the jokes from it were randomly thrown in... (Hurhurhur, It's Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusan.)

Maa~ Later that night Spain-sama and Puma-chan [ahahah, she is CURSED with that nickname now... Because Canada and I said so] and we spent a good hour looking for them. (Because we couldn't fine the right room.) However, when we DID find the right room, we discovered it smelled funny and were a little nervous about going in because we couldn't see them (but it was dark, so...) After about the third peek, I said that Spain-sama [...I think I've cursed her with that nickname, too. I really should ask before doing that] had long brown hair and that she was probably with another girl [but I wasn't sure who at the time... *hits herself for being a bad person*] and there were really only two girls in the room... but neither Canada or I wanted to go up and say,

"Spain?" And have it be the wrong person. Thaaaat would have been awkward.

So instead, we got the brilliant idea to get my laptop and play the first episode to of Hetalia to see if the "Pastaaaaaaaaaa" pulled them out of the room.

Turns out we didn't need to because I said, "Pasta" a little too loudly and they ended up coming out anyway as Canada and I were walking away. Gooooo figure.

After what.... we were all just sort of hung out, really.

Canada and Greece left to get Sarah [hurhur~ I should start calling her China... or Panda-chan! >D] and we lazed about in the hallway doodling, looking at strange pictures, and watching YouTube videos.

...God, I'm getting lazy. XD Sooo... I'm just going to summarize the rest of the night.

Got dinner with Fai. Lost retainer. Found retainer. Happiness followed. (Oh God, don't ask about the retainer. That sucked.)
Came back, did cosplay contest, somehow managed to win said cosplay contest, and cheered happily for friends who won the raffle. Huzzah.
Um... Went back into hallway, talked with peoples, Spain-sama and Puma-chan left aaaand... shortly after Canada, Sarah [Panada!], Fai, Greece and I left.

HOWEVER... I must take the time to say this...

...I'm really not sure I deserved to win that contest. Honestly. My costume wasn't that impressive... It was basic at most, and still missing important parts. I probably would have left the contest had Spain-sama not ended up in the top three with me, because I was pretty upset that Fai didn't make it in. His costume was REALLY cool, and his staff was EPIC (as I mentioned before.)

But somehow the CHEESE-KUN beat him.

....And I just didn't get it. At all. D<

Blah... I'm bored now. (I swear, I don't have an attention span anymore...)

Stranger Danger

So like, I'm still trying to post about Youmacon. XD I don't know how to summarize Saturday and Sunday properly. Soooo much happened.

Note to self:  Post daily at next con.


So, I went outside tonight to take pictures for my photography class, which ended up working as a big flop. It was too dark to take pictures of anything decent, and the lens I was using which was supposed to be for night-time use sucked. Yay technology. Thank you for your loyal support and helping me... whatever. Moving on.

So, I go out into the woods near where I live, and I'm just sort of... you know, looking around, trying to take pictures... Anyway, the woods lead into the park, and there is a long gravel path there that you can walk on which will eventually lead back to the townhouses where I live.

Now, as I am walking down this path, I see a car pull into the park up ahead, and I don't take this as a bad sign at first, you know, I figure it's some stupid college student out for a late-night disk-golfing game. However, their headlights never go off. Still, I don't think much of it and I keep following the path. It isn't my business what the person is doing, and I don't much care.

Now until I realize that they haven't moved. 

I stop walking down the path and watch them for a bit, and I see the person get out of their car. That was my first hint that something was up. They are dressed in dark clothing, and moving slowly. Not a good sign. To top that off, they start pacing in front of their car. Back and forth, back and forth in front of his headlights.

At this point, I'm looking back at the woods and thinking that I need to get out of there. I look back at the person and they've stopped pacing, and they are looking in my direction. Now, I will admit it was dark and I could have been wrong, but I didn't think it was a good idea to find out. After all, better to wonder if I was going to be kidnapped and murdered than actually let it happen, right?

The moment the person takes a step forward (toward me, I might add) I dart back down the path, holding the camera to my chest, and I dart back into the thinner part of the woods. 

I swear to God, it's like a horror film. I'm not scared so I have that advantage, but I manage to get tangled in some plants, and the moment I untangle myself and get down into the ditch that'll lead me back up into the area that I live, I freaking trip. TRIP and manage to both twist my ankle (which is throbbing and I haven't told my parents about yet) and land on my wrist funny (also hurting, and it's the one I just got out of the temp-cast, too.)

So I scramble back up to my feet, and realize that there is a two-inch thorn sticking out of my leg. Fun stuff. So I pull that out and try to move again, but I'm once again tangled in ANOTHER plant.

It is at this point that the idiot in the horror film would start screaming.

Instead, I get annoyed and curse the plant, manage to untangle myself, and make it out of the ditch (and tripped AGAIN on the way up.) I didn't bother to check and see if I was still being followed, it seemed kinda pointless at that point.

Then I went back home.

And after all that happened... the only thing that pisses me off is the lack of good pictures, and the fact that my ankle is killing me. >_>

Stupid frickin' creepers in the woods.



And if you were at Youmacon, you'll get that joke.

But seriously, I hate the chair. I hope it burns. Burns in hell... and dies. PAINFULLY.


GOD, it was even more hectic than Hetalia day, and I don't even know WHERE to begin. I'd do the same thing I did for Hetalia day, but there is just so much to talk about, I wouldn't know where to start or what events to say. I'd have people here for hours (if anyone stuck around long enough to read the entire thing.) So... yeah. I'll try to sum things up again.

Friday (Cosplay: Arthur Kirkland, Military uniform, AKA England)

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Saturday Cosplay: Prussia, Post WW2 uniform, Gilbert Weilshcmidt


Mother feck ton of pictures here

Videos will appear here at some point...



...and claimed soooo many Vital Regions. How do you like me now, Austria!?

So, as many of you know, today was world-wide Hetalia Day. And. It. Was. Awesome. 

Seriously... awesome.

A lot of people showed up at the meet spot early, so we ended up wasting a looooot of time screwing around on the second floor of Borders (while getting weird stares from just about everyone there.) I felt a bit bad that I'd shown up late when I was the one who tried to organize everything, but no one really seemed to care. Which was good. Because I didn't feel guilty anymore~

So! The only other cosplayers there when Greece and I (Prussia) arrived were Canada and Brazil, but people started to show up fairly steadily after that.

Honestly, a lot happened in the time-frame of just barely an hour, so it's hard to summarize everything without going on a rant about one five minute moment, so let's do this the easy way~



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Draw a circle, here's a rant~

I really need to get into a better habit of updating this thing. Seriously... I don't do it enough, and I should try to get into a habit of posting something daily. Even if it's something short. Like, "I was awesome today. 'nuff said."

...Haha, I should post that some day, just to see what happens. It could be interesting.

Moving on...

So, Hetalia day is next weekend, and I'm looking forward to that. If my wig gets here in time, I'll be attending as Prussia (no red eyes, I don't have contacts yet.) Otherwise I'll be going as Prussia. The meet I'm going to is the one I organized, so if you want information go here otherwise, try the Hetalia Day website and see if there is a meeting in your local area. It proves to be a lot of fun, so be sure to stop in and check it out, hm?

Today my dad and I will be making an America-hoodie... provided we actually leave the house at some point. *sigh* He promised we'd make it this weekend, but something tells me I'm going to end up being let down. Again. Hopefully my mother will hurry up and make my dad go.
 We only have until four and then the shop that we need to pick supplies up from closes for the day.

Ah, well... Point being, should we finish the jacket tonight, I'll post pictures. And wear it tomorrow. e


Zeh Awesome hath comeuth to my house...uth.

Yeah. That title is effing genius and you know it.

Moving on...

So, the Prussia plushie I ordered from DA has finally come~ Currently, he is sitting on my bed and being generally cute and adorable. The clothes he came in are made of a felt-like material, but whatever the hell it is, it's SUPER soft, and I love hugging him. He goes rather nicely with the Prussian flag now hanging in my window (Union Jack has been moved to hang over my closet) and just this afternoon I walked into my room, saw the flag, and had completely forgotten that it had come in the mail and I had a quick flash of, "What the hell?"

Still, I can't help but wonder what the neighbors think of of my Prussian flag. I wonder if I scare anyone. Ahaha, that's be great. Happily, since it's Prussian, no one will think I'm a nazi or anything. They'll probably think I'm just crazy or something. Which I am, figuratively and literally (I have A.D.D and A.D.H.D, happily, I've grown out of them for the most part, but they still surface from time to time.) ...But I'd really like to know what they think. Or if any of theme even know what flag it is.

Well, off the Hetalia topic... Oh, no wait. It's sort of still on Hetalia but...

My friend ordered me these AWESOME Hetalia posters, but because he used his paypal to order them and sent it to my address... they won't let me pick it up, because I'M not him. Normally, we'd just send him there, right? ONLY HE LIVES SEVERAL STATES AWAY! And the post office is all, "Well, if he faxed you something, then we could allow it because we'd have the PROOF.

PROOF MY ARSE! GIVE ME MY POSTERS!!! Geez... Honestly, I think the Post Office is completely paranoid. Why would someone want to steal a package? I brought proof that I lived at the address, and I've been able to pick things up under my dads name before... so why can't I do it now? What am I going to do, sell the posters on the black market?

It's ridiculous... but I guess I'm just complaining. Hopefully it will all get sorted out.

In other news, I've gotten a lot of work on on My Heart's Musician the Hetalia fanfic I've been writing (PrussiaxAustria AU.) Personally, I thought the prologue was complete crap, but people seemed to like that AND the other chapters. I'm really happy, because I thought I was completely destroying Prussia by writing it, but I've been told I'm very good at his personality. I can only hope they're serious and not humouring me, but I can't see why they would. People on are normally ruthless.

I've also (finally) updated Fortune no Hikari, the Persona 4 fanfic I'm writing. I'm throwing the  summaries into this entry for anyone who is curious.

Title: My Heart's Musician
Genre: Romance/humour/hurt/comfort
Character(s): Prussia, Austria, Germany (and mentions of Japan, China, America, England, France, Hungary, Italy, and a few others.)
Pairing(s): Mainly PrussiaxAustria [semi-implied GermanyxItaly, mentioned USxUK (possibly more on that), ChinaxJapan and one-sided HungaryxAustria]
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Fluff, Prussia's mouth, bad sex jokes, and... typos. [Because I'm lame and tend to miss a few...]
Summary:  [Hetalia AU Universe, assuming Hetalia Academy is a college-level school]
It was supposed to be a simple favour; Ludwig had asked him to walk his dogs while he was out with Feliciano. Upon arriving at the German’s supposedly empty house, Roderich stumbles upon Gilbert on the roof playing a violin he’d given to him years ago. The domino effect starts there, and soon, the musician finds himself looking for answers to questions he’s avoided for years.

Title: Fortune no Hikari
Genre: Mystery/Romance/Hurt/Comfort/Humour/ActionAdventure
Character(s): The entire Persona 4 cast
Pairing(s): SoujixNaoto, ChiexYosuke, and more to come
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: None, really... the same ones that go for Persona 4. Only it has more fluff.
Life is full of second chances, but not all mistakes can be corrected. If you were given the opportunity to go back in time and save the one you loved most from dying, would you take it? Even if it meant that person lost their memories of who you are and couldn't return the love that only your heart remembers?


I *am* made of awesome! (Serioously. I'm... thrilled right now.)

So, yesterday, I came home to find this (rather large) letter in my mailbox from Norther Michigan. At first, I think, "Why are they sending me things?" And I think it's a bit weird because I'd only applied to them a few weeks ago and the school hadn't sent them my records yet. At least, that's what I thought. I open the letter knowing that it's gonna suck... but it doesn't.


(Large link is large.... Ignore the annoying dots. Photobucket lame editor is lame and kept adding random ones...)

And I am so happy! It was my FIRST CHOICE for a college, and like, not more than a few weeks after I apply, they LET ME IN! As it is, I'm set and ready to join the school for the 2010 year, but I'm still trying to figure out what to do. I may have to deffer for a year because of cost (as of right now, I doubt I could afford much as colleges go...)

Anyway, I am so so so happy. Thrilled. I ACTUALLY did a happy dance and started calling people in the car as we were driving. It was a bit sad, but was like... just... wow. I really don't know what to say about it, other than I'm super, super happy. So, yeah... I'll leave that as it is.


My friend Greece came over for a sleepover (Friday night until today) and we ended up going downtown. That was a lot of fun, even if we ended up with limited time since we were relying on the bus to get back home (my parents were busy.)

Anyway... we spent most of the time downtown walking around and being generally... Well, strange. We talked about the possible plots of Persona 5, Hetalia, and giggled about other such things. I took a lot of nice pictures of the local wildlife (if it can be called that) and we stopped at Bubble Island for drinks (I for the Hot Chocolate Chai with colourful bubbles.)

On the way back to the bus-stop, we stopped at Pinpall Pete's, and I guess the DDR machine there had gotten rigged, or something, because we got about five games (3-songs per game) each for free of DDR. 

I learned a very important lessons that day.

Never play DDR in knee-high  England boots with 3-inch heels. I didn't fall or fail any of the songs... but it was somewhat painful. My feet were really sore when I finally got home.


Hetalia Photoshoots

So, I'm now convinced that Hiller's Market is the one of the best locations for a Hetalia photoshoot ever. Honestly, they've got food from all over the place there, and they've got it separated by country (with their respective flags above the aisle.)

It's a nice place to, open aisles just waiting for strange teenagers in costume to burst in through the automatic doors (for we all know, automatic doors run on Prussia's awesome) and take pictures of themselves doing weird things.

I spent a good fourty minutes there today with my parents, and I kept running between the Asian and British aisles, looking at all the different foods and stuffs. I ended up getting an armful of melon pan (Best. Food. Ever.), some dongo (when you eat dongos, you must either quote Allen Walker, or hum this song, I did both), mochi (oumnom), miso soup (YUM!!!), strawberry tea (imported from England!), chocolate tea cakes (also imported from England), supplies to make scones (good scones), and a few other things.

And all for less than twenty bucks. I mean, seriously, how much better can you get than that? I got a lot of junk, and it was all so nicely priced. More people should shop at Hiller's. Honestly. It's like, a mini-heaven on earth. As far as food imports and such go, anyway.

Yeah... that's how I spent my day. Out with my parents. Shopping.

Good news is, while I STILL haven't found decently priced boots for my Prussia cosplay, my England boots [not really England boots, just decent black ones that'll work], and I was able to grab a toy revolver for Naoto. it's blue with a white handle. Not exactly a replica of hers, but hey, I thought it'd fit.

It also makes loud clicking noises when you pull the trigger, which, amusingly enough, makes my cats jump.

Other than that, I got some pocky, a yaoi manga, black hair-spray for when I cosplay Lion Magnus, and The Silence of the Lambs, because it was $5 for the special edition, and I've heard it's creepy as hell.

I like creepy things.

Anyway, all in all, I spent less than $50 the entire day, and got quite a lot of things (bargain shopping, woo!)

I tend not to spend my money (seriously... I don't. I'm paranoid about it) and today I finally did. 

Uh, that's all. Really.

Pointless entry is pointless.

Oh, but for those who like cute things...

Would anyone do a Hetalia photoshoot with me?